CLAWS 1.425 (2023-02-16)

  • Feature: Waste module: Plot resuspension and resuspension-to-deposition contours and time series

CLAWS 1.424 (2023-02-13)

  • Enhancement: Sealice module: Irradiance netCDF file can be loaded (works off-line)

CLAWS 1.423 (2023-02-08)

  • Enhancement: Waste module: Plot organic carbon deposition (new CLAWS variable)
  • Enhancement: Waste module: Compute degraded area and benthic impact index (BII)

CLAWS 1.422 (2023-02-08)

  • Bugfix: Waste module: Solids footprint area calculation
  • Enhancement: Waste module: Compute footprint and mean deposition area above the 2000 g/m^2 threshold, plot time series of solids data and print time series of peak deposition to file

CLAWS 1.421 (2023-02-06)

  • Enhancement: Hydrodynamics module: Vertical profiles extracted from a selafin mesh can be plotted for all time bins (it used to be start_time only)
  • Enhancement: Sealice module: Request made to NASA’s POWER API to get the local irradiance data for the time of the study if “NASA POWER API” is in the list of readers, defaults to the fallback value for ‘environment:fallback:surface_net_downward_radiative_flux’ otherwise

CLAWS 1.42 (2023-02-02/03)

  • Feature: Major upgrade for the new sealice module
  • Feature: Accommodate netCDF4 readers
  • Enhancement: Animating lice vertical distribution
  • Enhancement: Changing colormap of sealice concentration

CLAWS 1.413 (2023-01-23/26)

  • Feature: Adding average sealice and total sealice concentration plots/map to sealice module
  • Bugfix: Bin indexing issue with the map datetimes when claws.nslices > 1 fixed (tbin0 substituted by tmslice0)
  • Bugfix: Waste moule: Fix contour line display and add second coutour line (2000 g/m2) to deposition plots
  • Enhancement: Peak deposition plotted in a new figure and removed from the deposition intensity plot
  • Feature: Sealice module: Plot total copepodid count

CLAWS 1.412 (2023-01-21)

  • Feature: Creation of a sealice module to post-process MIKE particle tracking data
  • Enhancement: Colorbar title and ticks in the Waste module

CLAWS 1.411 (2023-01-17)

  • Enhancement: Creation of a variant of the Bath medicine module to compare outputs of CLAWS-post

CLAWS 1.410 (2023-01-16)

  • Bugfix: Migration to shapely 2.0.0 ( and requirements.txt)
  • Enhancement: Conditionally print list of packages installed and state of all global variables defined in claws.claws to assist with debugging if loglevel_claws <= 15
  • Enhancement: Disallow creation of new claws.claws global variables in

CLAWS 1.409 (2023-01-15)

  • Enhancement: Adding ProgressBar to the Nutrients module
  • Enhancement: Reworking matplotlib contour maps in all modules. A map (figure and list of axes) is created only once. Contours and other elements are appended to the list of collections/lines, the figure is saved, and these elements are subsequently deleted. This process is repeated for all output time steps, all species, all fields. The figure is closed at last

CLAWS 1.408 (2023-01-12)

  • Enhancement: MPA borders can be plotted and their opacity and zorder be controlled independently. MPA polygons are sent to the background, while their borders are left on the foreground

CLAWS 1.407 (2023-01-10)

  • Bugfix: Hydrodynamics module: the last time frame (end record) was not considered for an output period of 1
  • Enhancement: Create claws.output_start_time, date at which elements properties start being written to file. This allows not to write elements properties to file outside the averaging window in the Waste module for example, and that to reduce the netCDF4 file size and the number of plots to generate in CLAWS-post for a set output frequency.
  • Enhancement: Waste module: Add title with date to the particle distribution vs depth bar graphs
  • Bugfix: Waste module: Animate particle depth distribution
  • Bugfix: Waste module: Compute min and max of time-averaged species-independent fields (such as mean solids deposition) and set the scale accordingly

LochDrift (2023-01-09)

  • Enhancement: Shear-modified settling velocity can be enabled
  • Enhancement: clauser_plot seabed shear stress model can be selected, as well as constant & law_of_the_wall

CLAWS 1.406 (2023-01-08)

  • Enhancement: Rewriting chemicals classes. Chemical becomes an abstract base class

CLAWS 1.405 (2023-01-06)

  • Enhancement: NatureScot’s MPA shapefiles can be passed to claws.mpas. New category added: MCA (Marine Consultation Areas). Please download the 3 zip folders for SPA, SAC, and MCA at
  • Enhancement: simplified etc/bashrc file. CLAWS_RUN and CLAWS_USER_DATA are the only variables to set. CLAWS_DIR points to the CLAWS repository

CLAWS 1.404 (2023-01-04)

  • Bugfix: Use lowercase to print am/pm on selafin profile plots
  • Bugfix: Pass module name and script name to the initialise function in the selafin editor
  • Bugfix: Correct map name when the selafin reader is not used
  • Feature: Add a bash script,, to find a keyword in the examples. Usage: KEYWORD
  • Enhancement: Add error message in claws-pre of the nutrients module if no selafin file is provided

CLAWS 1.403 (2023-01-03)

  • Bugfix: Correct MPAs hatch color. Allow gridlines to be hidden. Add options to control display of the domain to visualise in $CLAWS_DATA/claws/terrain_map.json: claws.terrain_map_dict['map']['domain']
  • Bugfix: Don’t call the selafin reader in the absence of an input selafin file in claws-post

CLAWS 1.402 (2023-01-02)

  • Feature: Add marine protected areas (MPAs) to terrain map. List of shapefiles can be passed to claws.mpas. It is advised that they be downloaded from / uk-marine-protected-area-datasets and placed in $CLAWS_USER_DATA/mpas/. MPAs are not shown on terrain maps by default (see settings in $CLAWS_DATA/claws/terrain_map.json). Add claws.terrain_map_dict['map']['marine_protected_areas']['draw'] = True to to have them displayed
  • Feature: Create update script that runs git pull and installs requirements
  • Enhancement: Change CLAWS logging color from yellow to cyan to avoid confusion with logging warnings

CLAWS 1.401 (2022-12-26)

  • Feature: Create Release History
  • Bugfix: Fix loglevel displayed by the StreamHandler
  • Feature: Indroduce FileHandler saving a logfile in working folder: log.claws
  • Feature: Implement different logging colors for CLAWS and OpenDrift
  • Feature: Plot particle vertical distribution conditionally. Can be controlled with claws.output_options["plot_particle_vertical_distribution"]. Default is now False
  • Feature: Profile scripts memory using memory_profiler conditionally. CLAWS loglevel must be less than 20. For example: claws.loglevel_claws = 19
  • Enhancement: Decrease memory requirements for large bath-medicine simulations (large number of particles in excess of 1M but also large domain extent and large number of time-steps > 1000). The time dimension is sliced into multiple uniform chunks. Can be controlled with claws.nslices
  • Enhancement: Remove minor tick labels on log-scale colorbars. They were intersecting
  • Bugfix: Allow probe record_history function to be called multiple times. History array are no longer reset