How can I contribute?

You will need to fill a pull request and this can be achieved as follows:

  1. Fork your own copy of CLAWS using the fork button

  2. Open a terminal window and create a local copy of your CLAWS repository
     git clone

  3. Add/edit files in your local repository

  4. At any time, track the changes that you have made using
     git status

  5. Once you are ready to commit and push your changes, type in
     git add PATH/TO/NEW/CONTENTS/  
     git push origin main  

  6. Press the New pull request button in the Pull Requests tab

  7. Compare the main on claws-scot/CLAWS with your main on USERNAME/CLAWS and press Create pull request once you are done

  8. Your contribution to CLAWS will be pending for approval and will be dealt with shortly. Thank you!