Some of the following guidelines are taken from opendrift.github.io/install

  1. Install miniconda3: docs.conda.io/en/latest/miniconda
  2. Clone the OpenDrift fork related to CLAWS
     git clone https://github.com/claws-scot/opendrift.git
     cd opendrift

  3. Create environment with the required dependencies and install OpenDrift
     conda config --add channels conda-forge
     conda env create -f environment.yml
     conda activate opendrift
     pip install --no-deps -e .

  4. Change directory to parent directory and clone CLAWS
     cd ../
     git clone https://github.com/claws-scot/CLAWS.git
     cd CLAWS
     pip install -r requirements.txt

  5. Edit entries in CLAWS/etc/bashrc: CLAWS_RUN and CLAWS_USER_DATA
  6. Add the CLAWS Github repository folder to your python path in ~/.bashrc:
     source PATH_TO_CLAWS_PARENT_DIR/CLAWS/etc/bashrc

    where PATH_TO_CLAWS_PARENT_DIR is the full path to CLAWS’s parent directory.

  7. Source your ~/.bashrc file to complete the installation
     source ~/.bashrc